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Churchill Fellowship






Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust offers Fellowships to British citizens from all backgrounds, to gain knowledge and experience in other parts of the world. People choose different subjects and fields for their travels. The aims of the fellowship include sharing what is learned, both abroad and in the UK.

The Fellowship is described as 'the chance of a lifetime'. I did not realise how true this description was, until I was there in the middle of my fellowship travels in the USA.

I was fortunate to receive the fellowship award in 2003, under the theme: Medicine and Health. The aim of my fellowship was to learn about the online learning developments in healthcare education in the USA.

The travel began in late October 2003 and lasted a month. It involved visiting a nine very different education institutions in the Northeast region of the USA.

As described in the fellowship Report, the travel was not only a substantial experience to develop a greater insight into the online learning developments, it was also extraordinary in forming friendships and networking with people willing to share and develop in this evolving field.

The Report can be accessed in HTML format, and can be downloaded as an HTML e-book. Please feel free to browse through and use it for your own contexts. You may also find the links at the end of the chapters beneficial to explore and compare with your own online learning developments. Any feedback on the report is welcome. Please send comments to Shalni Gulati

The photographs are a memorial record of the meetings with some of the people, who played a very important role in making the fellowship a successful learning experience for me.

I have also had various opportunities to disseminate the report findings through various dissemination events.

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