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Churchill Fellowship




Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship Photographs

These photographs are a record of the meetings with some academic and administration staff, who played a very important role in making the fellowship a successful learning experience for me.

University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Nursing with Instructional Designer Nola Stair

University of Maryland Baltimore, Department of Physical Therapy with Instructional Technologist Savithramma Sanjoy (left) and Assistant Professor Dr. Frances Huber (right)

University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Nursing with Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Carolyn Waltz

University of Maryland Baltimore, Health Sciences Library with Information Specialist Diane Fuller

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health with Associate Scientist Elizabeth Ann Skinner, Department of Health Policy and Management

Simmons College with Web Developer Wendy Koff (left) and Director of Academic Technology Braddlee (right)

Boston University Medical Campus with Director of Information Technology Training and Communications Doreen Nicastro

MIT Open Course Ware with Faculty Liaison Sandra Mallalieu

MIT Open Course Ware with Executive Director Anne H. Margulies

University of Southern Maine with Instructional Designer Jane Danielson (right) & Associate Professor Susan Sepples (left)

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