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Resources and Useful Links

This resource list is reviewed regularly. The aim is to gather links influential in ongoing developments, for my own purposes. These developments include online learning tools and online pedagogy for formal higher education contexts. I am using this page to share these links. You can access the page once a month to catch up any new things I have found.

Elearning Standards
International Open Forum on Standards in Elearning
About and for E-learning website
A Framework for Pedagogical Evaluation of Virtual Learning Environments

NewHas E-learning delivered?
NewE-learning boring or fun?
NewWhat is Rapid E-learning?
NewWhat is Workflow Learning?

Reusable Learning Objects
March 2004 issue on Learning Objects
Peer-reviwed learning objects at Cambridge
Examples of Learning Object Repositories
A Learning Activity Management Systems (LAMS) site
An informative LAMS presentation at the Cambridge-MIT OKI workshop
Interactive Decision Objects Repositories

Issues of Online Communication in Online learning
Soft Network building in healthcare to bridge research and practice The CHAIN (NHSU) Network (British Medical Journal)
How are Weblogs taking shape in academia recommended bu Stephen Downes
Online Communities are 'Old Skool'
Using online collaboration for project-based learning
Verbal and Non-verbal cues in online communication
A different prespective for educators focused on participation in online discussions

Mainitaining continuinty: F2F & online collaboration
Collaborative Content Creation (Wikipedia)
Grove a Collaborative Software
Social Network Analysis
Benefits of Social Network Analysis
We need social network tools that work the way groups work

NewBuild a free online course community

Pedaogogical issues in Online learning
Students On-Line in Nursing Integrated Curricula project (SONIC) to develop web-based Problem Based Learning: A Collaborative project of 4 UK universities
Students On-Line Learning experiences project (SOLE) An evaluation of students' usage of virtual learning environments (VLEs) in higher and further education: Funded by Hefec and JISC; Hosted by University of Bristol. Findings

JISC summarises what learners think about e-learning Oxford University Beyond Conference (16th April 2004).
JISC's elearning and pedagogy programme
JISC presenter on elearning pedagogy framework at the Beyond Conference.
CETIS Pedagogy discussion forum

Learners perception of distributed learning
We need to move beyond "no-significant difference"

NewDesigning Online Stories
New12 Principles of Storytelling for learning
NewThe Power of Informal Learning

PDAs in Health Sciences
Doctors experiences of PDAs British Medical Journal.
Towards a philosophy of M-learning, referred by Stephen Downes
A research study report on M-learning
Libraries & healthcarelearning using PDAs
The Role of PDAs in health sciences
An article on 'm' learning using PDAs

NewUseful links

E-portfolio resources, conferences, news
AERA 2004 E-portfolio symposium
Research Questions for E-portfolio
Distance courses on building an E-portfolio
ePortfolio research and development community
E-Portfolios in Europe
E-portfolios at a Community College
E-Portfolio Literature
Combining EPortfolios with Weblogs
Combining the technical with the personal in protfolios

NewTry out e-portfolio demos

Open Sourcing for Online Learning
Internet access a socio-economic issue British Medical Journal
Learning Communities Support for OCW An Example
MIT OCW Universia.net Web Portal
Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) at MIT
Democracy and technology
UPortal for Higher Education
Open Source development for the educational commons

NewInternational Open Source Network in Asia-Pacific Region
NewOpenMedia.org Creating an Open Content Network

Journals and Open Sourcing
Applied education for undergraduate biologists using open access
PLOS Public Library of Science
Traditional Publishers challenge to PLOS
Research repository for universities
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition [SPARC]: A recent article
Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science
Elearning conference
Papers from the recent Electronic Journal of E-learning conference

New13th International WWW Conference"

Eliteracy by Allan Martin
Seven Faces of Information literacy
Research in information literacy
Research in progress at Sheffield University
Institutional practices in information skills training
Soon to be the Journal of Eliteracy hosted by the University of Glasgow
Teacher e-literacy

NewPersonal Knowledge Management

Copyright etc.
Collection of National Copyright Laws by UNESCO
The book "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig

Links to get regular updates in online learning developments
The elearning post
Elearning Resources and News
The Online Learning Daily

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